Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Bell Resonance 闻钟声迎新年

Celebrate the New Year by purifying your thoughts through the 108 “Gongs” of Bell.
Make it your aspiration to treat all beings as equals and help those in need.
Show your gratitude to Lord Buddha by protecting and spreading the Dharma. 
Praying For World Peace, Prosperity Of CountryAnd Well-Being Of The People.
Wishes all a Happy and Rewarding New Year!

31.12. 2011 ( Saturday )
• Aspiration Lamp Offering
(Behind Hall of Great Compassion | 9.00pm)
• Bell Resonance 108 times
(In front of Hall of Great Strength| 12.00am Midnight)
• Recitation of The 88 Great Buddhas Names and The Great Repentance Ceremony. 
(Hall of Great Compassion| 12.30am Midnight) 

1.1. 2012 ( Sunday )
• Offering to Heavenly Realms
( Hall of Great Compassion | 6.00am)
• 2012 Alms Offering to the Sangha
(Hall of Great Compassion | 8.00am- 10.00am)
(Dining Hall | 9.00am- 12.00pm)
• The Grand Diamond Gem Repentance Ceremony
(Hall of Great Compassion | 1.30pm)


闻钟驱烦恼 乃至清静心 凡事莫憎爱 学得平等心
发愿助众生 培养慈悲心 常怀感恩心 传法报佛恩
迎接2012年元旦 祈求世界和平 国泰民安
祝愿大家 新年快乐 福慧双增 共沾法益

31.12. 2011 ( 星期六)
• 燃灯许愿  (于大悲殿后面,晚上9时)
• 鸣钟108响(于大雄宝殿前面,午夜12时)
• 虔诵88佛洪名及大忏悔文(大悲殿,午夜/Midnight) 

1.1. 2012 ( 星期日 Sunday )
• 供天 (大悲殿,早上6时)
• 2012年托钵及斋僧仪式(大悲殿,早上8时至10时)(斋堂,早上 9时至12时)
• 虔礼“金刚宝忏”(大悲殿,下午1时30分)