Sunday, May 17, 2015

Collection of Free 3 Steps 1 Bow Tickets

Collection of Free Tickets
Date:24 May 2015 (Sunday)
Time:9:00 am
Venue:Covered walkway beside Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas.
Note:Limited to 2 tickets per person; first-come, first-served basis; overnight queuing is NOT allowed.

Non-Ticket Holders
Note:Please join the open queue
Venue:Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 4
Time:From 10 pm on 31 May till 7 am next day.

Date:31 May 2015 (Sunday)
Venue:In front of Hall of Great Strength
Note:Estimated time to complete: 2.5 hours.

Light Transference 传灯

23 May,  523日,Sat 星期六 | 7.30pm
In front of Hall of Great Strength大雄宝殿前

The offering of light reminds us of the illuminating brightness of wisdom, which dispels the darkness of ignorance on the path towards Enlightenment. This urges us to seek the light of ultimate wisdom.


Join us in the light transference ceremony that represents the light of wisdom (sharing of the truth) shining to every direction of the world to dispel the darkness of ignorance. It is most inspiring to see a single flame illuminates a sea of darkness to become an ocean of lights bringing brightness to one another. You can also make your aspiration at the wishing pond in front of our Guanyin statue.

參与这传灯仪式并点燃自己的菩提心灯,不但能提升智慧,也慈悲地帮助照亮了十方法世每个黑暗的角落。它也照亮了众生的希望,也逐渐使众生脫离苦海,一盏盏的心灯点亮了每个世界! 您可以在站立观音菩萨前的莲花池发愿。



基础静坐课程 – 正念呼吸法
日期:2015年6月3日 至 8月26日|星期三
(6月24日、7月15日、8月5日 暂停)
指导法师: 传观法师
报名表格:正念呼吸法 (PDF)
询问:电话:6849 5300 | 电邮 | 海报

Blissful Vesak Peaceful Singapore – A Celebratory Concert

Blissful Vesak Peaceful Singapore - A Celebratory Concert

Blissful Vesak Peaceful Singapore – A Celebratory Concert
This year, the Singapore Buddhist Federation is holding a celebratory concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 15 May8pm for Vesak 2559 and to commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of nationhood. Graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, this concert aims to bring together the local Buddhist community in a joyous celebration of Vesak.
Price: $18, $28, $38
Purchase can be at Singapore Indoor Stadium’s Box Office, all SingPost outlets and online Sports Hub Tix (
For more information and enquiry:
Tel: 6744 4635 / 6849 5300
Website: | poster