Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Light Offering & Aspiration Making 传灯与许愿

The ‘transference of Light’ reminds us to let the Dharma be our light and refuge in life. We should protect and preserve the Buddha’s teaching well so that it can continue to benefit  the world, for the happiness and welfare of many…
传灯日不仅是传灯接法, 更是一份提醒,提起发愿修行的初发心,也感恩在生命中佛法给予我们一生受用的智慧。

Light Transference Ceremony 传灯

Light Transference Ceremony 传灯
 18/05  Sat 星期六 6.00pm
Hall of Great Compassion 大悲殿
This is a traditional ceremony held every year at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery prior to Vesak Day. Devotees gather at the monastery, circumambulating the compound, offering lights, making aspirations for oneself and the welfare of many. The celebration can be enjoyed by all ages, even young children.
传灯是光明山普觉禅寺每年卫塞节之前传统仪式。信徒聚集在寺院, 绕山, 点灯祈求· 随心满愿。庆祝活动适合男女老幼,欢迎公众· 踊跃参加·  传灯意义:
  • 代表佛法辗转相传,普世相传。
  • 是破除幽暗,破除无明,点亮心灯,照亮自己,照亮别人。

Merits of Light Offering | 施灯功德

One becomes like the light in the world.
One achieves the clairvoyance of the pure flesh eye [as a human].
One achieves the devas’ eye.
One receives the wisdom of knowing what is virtue and what is non-virtue.
One is able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, the concept of inherent existence.
One receives the illumination of wisdom.
One never experiences darkness even in samsara.
One receives great enjoyment wealth.
One quickly becomes liberated.
One quickly attains enlightenment.

Vesak Auspicious Lanterns 卫塞吉祥灯

Kindle a light to illuminate the world of darkness. Be a lamp upon yourself and spread the brightness to all humankind. May ignorance be dispelled and wisdom cultivated.
* Registration required 须报名 $30 per lantern
 18/05 – 25/05 
Hall of Great Compassion 大悲殿
Light Offering & Aspiration Making