Friday, December 6, 2013

New Year Bell Resonance

New Year Bell Resonance
Listen to the auspicious and refreshing chimes of the bell 108 times to regain clarity and peace in oneself.

Let us start the new year afresh with new resolutions to cultivate a compassionate heart, be grateful and treat all beings equally.

31.12.2013 (Tuesday)
Aspiration Lamp Offering
Behind the Hall of Great Compassion, 10.00 pm
Bell Resonance 108 Times
In Front of the Hall of Great Strength, 12.00 am
Recitation of The 88 Great Buddha Names & The Great Repentance Ceremony
Hall of Great Compassion, 12.30 am
01.01.2014 (Wednesday)
Offering to Heavenly Realms
Hall of Great Compassion, 6.00 am
2014 Alms Offering to the Sangha2013 Alms Offering to the Sangha
Hall of Great Compassion, 8.00 am
Dinning Hall, 11.00 am
The Grand Diamond Gem Repentance Ceremony
Hall of Great Compassion, 1.30 pm
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