Saturday, August 1, 2015

Treasures from Asia's Oldest Museum Buddhist Art from the Indian Museum, Kolkata

Asian Civilisations Museum
16 Jun 2015 - 16 Aug 2015
Free admission


The exhibition presents the evolution of Buddhism through the art of India. Important sculptures and paintings from the Indian Museum in Kolkata will trace the Jataka stories (past life stories of the Buddha), scenes from the life of the Buddha, and symbols used to represent Buddhist concepts. Representations of bodhisattvas and the Buddha will be on display. The exhibition features striking sculptures from the Pala and Gandhara cultures.

The Indian Museum, Kolkata, is the oldest museum in Asia, and greatly influenced the founding of other institutions in the region. Singapore's strong historic ties to Kolkata give this exhibition a special resonance, especially during 2015, Singapore's 50th anniversary as well as the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Singapore. Seen outside the ACM is the obelisk commemorating Indian viceroy Lord Dalhousie's visit from Kolkata in 1850.