Friday, November 18, 2016

Usher in 2017 with the annual 108 “Bell Resonance”

Kick-start 2017 on a virtuous and auspicious note!
Join us in our prayers and offerings with wholesome aspirations for the new year.
Welcome the new year in a heightened state of mindfulness, as you calm and purify your mind by listening to the 108 deep resonance of the bell.
By the blessing of the Triple Gem, may the hearts and minds of all beings be attuned to the sublime Dharma.
31.12.2016 (Saturday)
Aspiration Lamp Offering
Behind Hall of Great Compassion | 10 pm
Bell Resonance 108 TimesBehind Hall of Great Compassion | 12 am (New Year’s Day)
Recitation of The 88 Great Buddha Names & The Great Repentance CeremonyHall of Great Compassion | 12.30 am (New Year’s Day)
01.01.2017 (Sunday)
Offering to the Heavenly Realms | Hall of Great Compassion | 6 am
Alms Offering to the Sangha | Hall of Great Compassion | 8 am
The Grand Diamond Gem Repentance Ceremony | Hall of Great Compassion | 1:30 pm
2015 Alms Offering to the SanghaAlms Offering to the Sangha
Dining Hall | 11.30 am