Friday, November 18, 2016

Vegetarian Cooking Series

Japanese Fusion Vegan Cuisine 日本风味素食料理1. Curry Lentil Brown Rice Sushi 咖喱扁豆糙米寿司
2. Mushroom Ramen Soup 蘑菇拉面汤
3. Azuki Bean Brown Rice Mochi 红豆糙米麻糬
3 July (Sun)
Nutrition & Culinary Class 营养与烹饪班
1. Nutrition for Optimal Health (theory) 最佳健康营养课(理论)
2. Appetising Beetroot Pickles 开胃甜菜根酱菜
3. Cilantro Mushroom with Polenta Cake (Gluten free)
14 Aug (Sun)
Vegan NutriBake & Homemade Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

1. Natural Yeast Muesli Bread 天然酵母麦片面包
2. Brown Rice Cupcake 糙米蛋糕
3. Fruity Soy Ice Cream 水果大豆冰淇淋 *partial hands on
4 Sep (Sun)
Italian Bake & Cook Vegan Cuisine
1. Fusilli Pasta with Homemade Basil Tomato Sauce
2. Mini Tofu Pizza 迷你豆腐比萨
3. Raw Cacao Macaroon (No baking required)
生可可饼干(无需烘烤) *partial hands on
30 Oct (Sun)
Malaysian Vegan Cuisine III 马来西亚素食料理三
1. Brown Rice Mee Siam (dry) 糙米米暹(干)
2. Ramen Mee Soto 马来拉面汤
3. Sprouted Bean Cheng Tng 发芽豆甜品
6 Nov (Sun)
 Chinese New Year NutriBake 农历新年素食烘烤
1. Green Tea Almond Cookie  绿茶杏仁饼
2. Brown Rice Kuih Bahulu 糙米“ 鸡蛋”糕
3. Dairy Free Nuggets 无奶糕点 *partial hands on
4 Dec (Sun)
Chinese New Year Vegan Cuisine 农历新年素食料理
1. Soy Yogurt Yu Sheng 大豆酸奶余生
2. Prosperity Tri-color Abacus 富贵三色算盘子
3. Wholegrain Nutrition Soup 全谷营养汤 *partial hands on
11 Dec (Sun)
Venue: Awareness Place Well-Being Centre
Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-42 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261
Closing Date: 1 week before date of commencement or when class is fully registered
*Inclusive of GST and ingredients
To register 报名方式:Please refer to the individual classes’ online registration links 请参阅各课程的网上报名
Reception Office | 9am – 4pm  接待处 | 早上9时至下午4时                                                             Awareness Place Well-Being Centre | 11.30am – 6pm  艺觉坊 | 早上11时30分至傍晚6时
About the Instructor
Vinitha Ang is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience in nursing & allied health care profession. She is also trained in nutrition and psychology with a Master’s Degree in Health Care management. Vinitha has formerly operated a Vegan Cafe with Organic retail business for 5 years, and has been regularly conducting Vegan Culinary classes since 2008.